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Moonlight Legend TCG [Closed]

Card Count: 116
Card Worth: 128
Trades: 3 (Worth: 3)


Total: 40
x02 x30

x00 x00

Members Card

Wide Pressure 12/15 (12W)

Princess Room 3/15 (6W)

Venus Crystal 2/15 (2W)

Frustration 2/15 (2W)

[Future Collection]
Future Collection (45R, 7S, 52C, 59W)

Trading (43R, 2S, 45C, 47W)

Comment or e-mail NekoNekoNoMiki@gmail.com to trade!


[Trade Log]
10.7.14- Trade: My halfhealed07 for Hotaru's widepressure10 and member card
9.29.14- Jigsaw: roughlanding05, weneedyou12, desertrivers05, 1 Starseed
Freebies: dreampower05, goldenpower05, jupiterfalls02, flowers09, 1 Starseed
Lost Letters: bangbang10, mooncosmic15, 1 Starseed
Relationships: anewlook10, artistatwork04, 2 Starseeds
Zoom: chibimoonprism04, premonition07, 1 Starseed
Slots (medium prize) (-5): 2 regular coupons, 1 Starseed point
Coupon Exchange: 5 regular coupons for widepressure11, widepressure12, widepressure13, widepressure14, widepressure15
9.28.14- Trade: My cookiecrisis01 and member card for Vermillion's widepressure05 and member card
9.25.14- Update (New Decks): ihatecats05, lendingstrength05
Puzzle: galaxiastrikes14, intospace03, 1 regular coupon, 2 Starseeds
Mega Memory: lakemonsters05, mothersgift02, 1 Starseed
Hangman: dreamdance09, intothesunset03, 1 Starseed
So Vain: aluminumseiren07, beautifulrevenge01, smalllady06, 2 Starseeds
Episode Guess: mirrorappears03, sailormercury08, volleyballace08, 2 Starseeds
Lottery: an10, beautifulflower12
War: changedreality04, fromthesky03
9.16.14- Update Freebies: halfhealed07, falsesweets07
9.15.14- Jigsaw: jealousy10, youshouldstudy09, darkkingdom14, 1 Starseed
Freebies: ageswap04, alienfashion06, fishyflirt12, sailorgirls04, 1 Starseed
Lost Letters: makaijusstory05, sacrificestwo06, 1 Starseed
Relationships: cookiecrisis01, meditation08, 2 Starseeds
Slots (medium prize): 2 regular coupons, 1 Starseed
9.12.14- Freebies: moonrevengeone01, moonrevengetwo12
9.8.14- Puzzle: futurekitten09, kissinthepark13, 1 regular coupon, 2 Starseeds
Mega Memory: daimonrain03, marsrevealed09, 1 Starseed
Hangman: 300decks10, homesick10, 1 Starseed
Lottery: lovemechain10, osakanaru03, venusarrives01
War: maskedimpostor06, moonprism05
Coupon Exchange: 3 regular coupons and 1 special coupon for widepressure01, widepressure02, widepressure04, princessroom10
9.3.14- Trade: My christmas201305 for Angelrose's frustration01
9.2.14- Puzzle: thirtypoints08, wewillsurvive08, 1 regular coupon, 2 Starseeds
Mega Memory: bangbang11, jupiterpower02, 1 Starseed
Jigsaw: christmas201208, noblesavior15, ribbons03, 1 Starseed
Puzzle Series: newdreams15, ropeningtwob09
Puzzle Series: intoenemyhands01, ourmission13
Puzzle Series: getoffme01, savetherabbittwo10
Puzzle Series: sailorsaturn15, venuscrystal01
Puzzle Series (end): creepyoldlady05, purification15, circleofpower14, princessroom05, 1 special coupon, 5 Starseeds
[August 2014 Logs]
8.31.14- starter pack: widepressure03, widepressure06, widepressure09, ladyluna06, hidingout08, kissme01, sleepingbeauty06, christmas201305, venusstar09, jealousqueen02, greengoddess07, mysteriousduo01
Hangman: darkthunder05, sciencetea08, 1 Starseed
So Vain: atalkingcat11, frustration13, venuscrystal14, 2 Starseeds
Warped: amazinglunch08, daimonrain07, mooneternalone12, 2 Starseeds
Lottery: eternalmoon09, jadeite15
War(Lose): romancefail14
Freebies: cookiewars05, eternalmoon09, ropeningoneb14, princessroom13, 1 Starseed
Lost Letters: deadscream06, fighterstartwo01, 1 Starseed
Slots (consolation prize): 1 Starseed point
Fallen Phrases: guardianoftime14, wakeup05, destiny03, violetmoon04, 1 regular coupon, 5 Starseeds