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Crystalline TCG

Card Count: 203
Card Worth: 203



Members Cards


Moon Pride PV 1

Transform Now!

I'll Punish You!

The Fire's Warning

Romantic Dance 1

[Future Collection]
Future Collection


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[Trade Log]
11.26.14- Update (New Decks 11.6): bridaldreams03, lonelylunch03, lunchcompanion03, bridalshop03, anoddfeeling03, wickedbride03
Update (New Decks): takenhostage06, loveisalie03, believeinlove06, afterthebattle03
slots: flowerhurricane19, guardianofcourage12, notatrashcan10, one choice coupon
hangman: trailer208, marspower117
number guess: stolenkiss20, nephritesshadow09
freebies: fivesoldiers06, moonpride305, moonpridepv307, one Moon doll
war: sailorvkick10
pickpocket: bridaldreams16, moonpride120
wheel (orange): doctorusagi09, becareful12
10.25.14- Update (New Decks): jupiterpower116, flowerhurricane16, jupiterpower216, jupiterthunderbolt16
puzzle: jadeitespower04, overtheedge19, silvermoon06, one Moon doll
jigsaw: silvermoon13, sneakingin14, trailer216, one Moon doll
slots: afterthatbus11, akuryoutaisan02, marspower107, one choice coupon
memory: trailer111, crystalpromo17, newtiara08
hangman: bumpystart19, fivesoldiers06
number guess: mercurypower211, spiritedaway06
freebies: moonprism203, jewelrysale01, sweetcouple16, one Moon doll
war: strangereaction08
pickpocket: guardianoffire20, marspower105
wheel (blue): choice coupon
lucky match: mercuryaquamist11, rescueandvictory18, notadream17, 1 choice coupon
scramble 01:: eyecatch220, shitennourevealed16, usagisdream13, one Moon doll
scramble 02:: embarrassingbusride03, findyourallies08, newtiara05, one Moon doll
level up: moonpridepv102, moonpridepv107, moonpridepv118, moonpridepv120, princessdisguise16, summonedyouma09, trailer116, moonpridepv318, guardianoffire15, jeweled12, one Moon doll
10.12.14- Update (New Decks): girlsinwhite09, jeweled09
puzzle: bymoonlight03, findyourallies15, maskedstranger18, one Moon doll
jigsaw: notatrashcan02, unstoppableflame14, unstoppableflame20, one Moon doll
slots: arcadebreak01, characterdesigns16, usagisdream12, one choice coupon
memory: arcadebreak09, watchingfromoutside03, mercurypower112
hangman: mercuryawakens07, akuryoutaisan10
number guess: characterdesigns02, fatedmeeting18
freebies: eyecatch218, bumpystart11, characterdesigns09, one Moon doll
war: reflectedmoonlight15, one Moon doll
pickpocket: afterthatbus12, moonpridepv209, reflectedmoonlight06
wheel (red): lonelygenius16, transformnow17
lucky match: moonpridepv101, marsawakens14, trailer110, 1 choice coupon
10.3.14- puzzle: jadeitespower03, notadream12, sweetcouple11, one Moon doll
jigsaw: afterthatbus03, eyecatch211, protectami03, one Moon doll
slots: eyecatch204, morningnews11, sneakingin20, one choice coupon
memory: jadeitespower19, moonpridepv302, mercuryaquamist12
hangman: strangereaction17, morningnews12
number guess: eyecatch118, princessdisguise18
freebies: guardianoffire14, moonprism214, moonpridepv309, one Moon doll
war: transformnow15
pickpocket: arcadebreak08, totherescue01
wheel (orange): gentlegirl06, stolenkiss07
9.26.14- puzzle: nephritesshadow02, unstoppableflame12, watchingfromoutside14, one Moon doll
jigsaw: doctorusagi06, notatrashcan05, tobecontinued20, one Moon doll
slots: guardianofwater18, moonpridepv116, slowfall12, one choice coupon
memory: stolenkiss20, watchingfromoutside11, growingfriendship11
hangman: morningnews04, shitennourevealed06
number guess: unstoppableflame15, notpayingattention05
freebies: illpunishyou03, moonpride307, characterdesigns05, one Moon doll
war: rescueandvictory14
pickpocket: doctorusagi11, fatedmeeting16, titlecard05
9.12.14- Group collect: Gave moontiaraboomerang01, moontiaraboomerang03
Trade: My shitennourevealed05 for Angel's thefireswarning18 and member cards.
9.8.14- puzzle: eyecatch108, moonprism103, romanticdance117, one Moon doll
jigsaw: moonprism114, newtiara18, romanticdance215, one Moon doll
slots: crystalpromo12, maskedstranger20, thefireswarning15, one choice coupon
memory: jewelrysale20, bymoonlight09, moontiaraboomerang03
hangman: romanticdance110, notatrashcan07
number guess: doctorusagi09, maskedstranger18
freebies: nephritesshadow17, embarrassingbusride12, sailorvkick07, one Moon doll
war: trailer102
pickpocket: notadream02, romanticdance103, titlecard13
wheel (violet): two Moon dolls
coupon exchange: moonpridepv101, thefireswarning01, transformnow01
9.1.14- puzzle: overtheedge06, shitennourevealed05, silvermoon20, one Moon doll
jigsaw: afterthatbus19, fatedmeeting12, illpunishyou15, one Moon doll
memory: thefireswarning04, usagisdream19, nephritesshadow06
[August 2014 Log]
8.31.14- starter pack: moonpridepv104, moonpridepv108, moonpridepv112, jadeitespower06, transformnow02, princessdisguise10, summonedyouma19, moonpridepv110, transformnow06
slots: mercuryawakens13, slowfall10, thefireswarning14, one choice coupon
hangman: overtheedge20, summonedyouma04
number guess: romanticdance105, strangereaction04
freebies: fivesoldiers12, moonpridepv109, eyecatch201, one Moon doll
war: summonedyouma11, one Moon doll
pickpocket: illpunishyou01, lonelygenius02, moontiaraboomerang01
wheel (blue): choice coupon